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Mrs. Ziruolo’s Supply List: 

· 1 three ring binder (VERY IMPORTANT- This binder will help with organization.)

· 1 pack of clear page protectors (These will be placed in your child’s binder.)

· 1 pencil box (This helps with space and organization skills.)

· 2 boxes of crayons (We replace the first set midyear.)

· 4 dozen pencils (We write a lot!)

· 1 pack of glue sticks (Projects are so much fun!)

· 4 packs of notebook paper (Student books in third grade are nonconsumable- which means you cannot write in them. Again, we write a lot!)

· 2 notebooks – (Composition books are preferred over spiral. Spiral notebooks tear apart easily.)

· 3 folders with pockets and prongs – (These help with staying organized.)

· 4 large erasers (Mistakes are a part of life J )

· 1 ream of copy paper (We use this for Accelerated Math which allows your child to work on independent math objectives. This program provides extra support as well as enrichment.)

· 2 boxes of tissues (Little noses get runny.)

· 1 box of Ziploc bags (We use these for organization of materials, lost tooth bags, and projects.)

· 1 pair of headphones (For computer lab use.)

Home Use items:

1 ruler- there will be homework that will require the use of a ruler.

1 pack multiplication flashcards

I appreciate your generosity - Thanks!

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